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General Disclaimer

All coaching services and communication I provide or publish in any forum or via any media, whether paid or unpaid, are meant to help you identify the areas in your life and in your thinking that may be preventing you from experiencing greater focus and improved well being in pursing your goals.

I am not a mental health professional and am not licensed by any official body. Coaching is an unregulated industry in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, any other sorts of professional mental health care, medical care or substance abuse treatment.

In my view, coaching is designed for people who feel they are generally functioning at a reasonable level but want to get over blocks or stretch themselves in certain areas. It is not the right tool to help people get to a reasonable level of functioning in the first place. For people in this latter category, coaching may be a helpful supplement to mental health or medical treatment, but it cannot substitute for it.

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