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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find an answer here, you can email me at If you have specific questions about signing up for Blazing Talents, please book a consult and we can meet on zoom to chat.

Do you really offer a money-back guarantee?

Yep. If you complete my programme in full (show up for your coaching, complete the exercises, etc.) and at the end you don't think you've changed enough, I'll refund your money. I know what I do works, and I have a bespoke intake process that helps me make sure it will work for you, before you ever sign up.


I also know that—with so much snake-oil out there—it's very difficult to believe true, profound, permanent change is possible, even once you read accounts from my clients. So my guarantee is a way to share some of my rock-solid, seen-it-with-my-own-eyes certainty with you. 

What types of people do you work with?

My clients have ranged across tech (e.g., software developers, hardware coders, UX designers), the arts (visual artists, musicians, writers, actors and directors), the corporate world (lawyers, start-up CEOs, real estate developers, executive coaches), academia (engineering, sociology, law) and the less immediately categorisable (death doula!!). 

I love coaching people in diverse fields, but the fascination is partially in the way that the core issues of hiding and chasing turn up in different guises but with the same underlying structure, whether we're talking about producing a song, programming a printer driver, building a business, or figuring out to what to do in early retirement. ​

Do you offer individual or just group coaching?

At the moment the only way to work with me is via my small-group intensive programme, Blazing Talents

For people really strapped on time, I can offer a bespoke version of the programme one-to-one that allows for more freedom of scheduling, but the group is much more affordable and a better choice for the majority of folks! 

What are your coaching qualifications?

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Jane showed me a way forward with my creativity —and almost immediately, I'm enjoying writing again

Novelist and UX designer

The most important one is: I can do it. Between 20 years of mentoring not to mention my own trajectory, I've created a complete framework for dismantling hiding and chasing at the root, and I've taken lots of people through it successfully.

Coaching with the rigorous, granular method I practice calls for a weird combination of intense empathy and abstract conceptualisation, and that is pretty much my wheelhouse, in terms of what I'm extra skilled at and what I find super compelling.

For the advanced neuroscience-based techniques I developed to help you shift your beliefs, I consulted with an expert who has published a leading book in the field in order to design my process.

But ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. If you'd like to see for yourself, you can fill in the form to be invited for a free consult

Do you coach only women?

Nope! Somewhat to my own surprise, my coaching practice has always been divided pretty evenly, and I love that. My small group programme is open to all, though I routinely run women-only groups for those who prefer that set up. Both types of groups have their own particular magic. 

What happens on a consult? Will it be weird and sales-y?

It will NOT be weird and sales-y! There is zero pressure to decide on the call. It's basically just a 45-minute chat where we both to ask questions and get a feel for what it would be like to work together. I'll start out by asking you some questions so that I have a sense of where you're at, which means that when we turn to your questions I'll be able to be much more concrete and specific with my answers.

If it feels like a good fit personality-wise (if we communicate easily, get each other's jokes, the usual stuff), then the other key question is really whether we both think my coaching can get you where you want to go. If you've resonated enough with my stuff to consider booking a consult, the answer is usually yes, but talking in person (in zoom person) is how we nail it down for sure.

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